Draw Your Dreams, Create Your Reality!

Programs and Workshops

I’ve created a series of programs and workshops to help you fast-track your way to successfully building a reality you absolutely love. Check out what James, a musician, had to say about attending one of these workshops!


Draw Your Dreams & Create Your Reality programs and workshops are intensive and immersive experiences where you will have the opportunity to dive deep into this new experimental process. Discover how to heighten your imagination and use cutting edge art and enery-work techniques to ensure you can create your best life!

The month-long program: Draw Your Dreams, Create Your Reality!

You will:

  • Create a full representation of your goals and dreams
  • Experience visualising, drawing and healing as tools to create your reality (laid out in a structured and well-supported way)
  • Have a completed piece of art that is energetically charged and will continue to support you in realising your goals and dreams .
  • Experience deep healing and letting go of blocks and anything else that is standing in the way of realising a clear vision and manifesting it through your art, plus discover how to use these tools for yourself
  • Have a supportive group of people to uplift and inspire you along your journey, as well as personal messaging with me to keep you on track and ensure your art piece is crafted just how you would like it! – Because this way, your reality will be mirrored – just how you would like it
  • This program is basically an initiation into the next phase of your life.. it will help you go to the next level .. are you ready for that?

Please feel free to ask me any questions about Draw Your Dreams & Create Your Reality! via email: niccipratten@gmail.com