“…10 minutes later I got a text about money being transferred from a new client. Powerful stuff.”
– Stephanie Hess



These are the words of a client after I did a short and powerful session with her, where she discovered a few of the steps I use with people to have them consistently draw their reality – sign up below to receive “10 Steps to Draw Your Reality”, now!

What does it mean to Draw Your Creams & Create Your Reality?

For me this is an ongoing exploration of how our reality is influenced by the relationship we have with our art and the creative process. In particular, drawing, painting and dance. The energy within and around us is very sensitive to the thoughts and intention we bring to the creative process. Increasing self-awareness enables us to create more authentic, conscious art (art that feels true to our soul, and ‘heartfelt’). This kind of art communicates with the world around us differently to art that doesn’t have strong intention and awareness behind it. We can literally “shape-shift” our current reality through the artwork we make, and that’s what I teach here!
We can draw or paint shapes, abstraction, realistic images, it doesn’t really matter, what matters most is what you want to create and intend for the artwork. How you feel when you create it is important too, which is why I encourage dance/movement as part of the process to “Draw Your Dreams & Create Your Reality”. I can show you how to create a space within you to open up and receive what you truly desire. Through this magical process you can come to understand the true nature of our reality and empower yourself to make strong decisions that will change your life! Not to mention, make beautiful works of art!

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Draw Your Dreams & Create Your Reality!

A Different Kind of Art School.

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The concept of drawing your dreams and creating your reality with art was founded by Nicci Palmer, and has had some rave reviews! Check them out below:

Draw Your Reality workshop with Nicci Palmer for a mastermind group based in California, USA.

“What a wonderful, powerful, delightful experience”.
– David Adelson

“I now see a team to work with, speaking gigs, gifting folks, getting the house cleaned regularly, a million dollars and my bucket list trip to Norway”.
– Hope Hills




Additional testimonials:

Nicci has a popular workshop called “Draw Your Reality”. They are designed for business owners, artists and entrepreneurs who want to skyrocket their success. Nicci has been a part of my international group training program for more than six months now, leading these workshops. They are the most popular and highly attended sessions of all my offerings. Even those that already understand the power of manifestation find this experience most valuable. Nicci makes it all fun and easy no matter what artistic level you are at.  As word gets out about her powerful process, I’m excited to see the results and the impact she has on corporations, religious organizations, social groups and business networking groups around the world.  I highly recommend her work, no matter how big or small the group.  

Stephanie Hess

CEO, Forward Path

I feel absolutely blessed to have had the privilege of working with Nicci to clear some energy that had been holding me stuck in fear and limitation for quite some time. Nicci seemed to naturally intuit exactly what would best serve and support me to release a strong block I was holding onto, allowing me to finally move forward in my life with grace and ease. 

Denise Toffey

Energy Healing, Soul Energy Expression

You can see Nicci’s personal art page on Facebook and LinkedIn profile here:

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