It’s true if someone gives you a set of tools and knowledge that are designed to help you improve your life and heal, for example, and you don’t apply them to your life, you are not actually committed to improving your life (deep down you don’t actually want to). Some people receive tools and materials for self-help and think “yeah, ok I can do that!” Then they go ahead and apply them to their lives and make leaps and bounds in whatever it is they are trying to achieve. Then there are others who do not have the basis of self-worth that is necessary to apply tools and materials so effortlessly. Part of them does not believe that they are 1) worthy of receiving the things that are designed to help them (tools and materials) and 2) capable of applying them (probably due to low self-esteem and lack of confidence which stems back to worthiness). There are two aspects to look at here, the first is where people don’t feel committed to improving their life (and don’t really want to) and the second is not believing they are worthy of it. You could be both, which are you? I know I have been both, and I’ve had to crawl my way to feeling worthy of improving my own life. I’ve had to honestly look at myself and assess why I liked being the wounded animal and was basically committed to staying wounded and not wanting to change my circumstances.

One of the main reasons people often don’t want to change is because their parents or caregivers approved of them being in a state of uncertainty and non-commitment to something positive that inspired growth, for example.  In other words, they got approval for staying small. This is a very strong belief system to grow up in as it can lead you to have very passive-aggressive and complacent behaviour as an adult (in your approach to life). It is really a matter of admitting that you are stuck in a rut, have a problem with committing to something positive in your life and assessing why (for example, how you were raised) and then doing the emotional healing work (energetic medicine) to change it.  

Why would you gain approval from parents or caregivers for staying small so to speak i.e. being in uncertainty and non-commitment to self and something positive? Because they were afraid of their own potential. They couldn’t handle you being bigger, bolder and confident and so they unconsciously praised you for staying small, being confused, non-committed etc. They most likely didn’t even know they were doing it! I have watched myself in moments, disapprove of other people succeeding around me (by being jealous or judgmental etc), I was simply repeating the patterns taught to me.

This awareness means that you can take the reigns and decide how you are going to be moving forward i.e. are you going to let yourself commit to life? Be bigger? Bolder? Grounded and happy? Will you choose to love yourself enough to implement all the tools and knowledge that you are gaining? It will change your life if you say YES!

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